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Sunday, April 06, 2014

on JPs campaign trail- interesting anecdotes..

while am on the campaign trail of JP, every day there is a story..rather many stories..while some day those will all be compiled..
a couple of them that happened to me here:
- the other day i was walking from Anna Nagar to Thiru vi ka park to participate in JP's filing of nomination..i was with my AAP cap on..a VW car slowed down and the driver showed a thumbs up sign towards me..and i responded too..prolly due to some doubt he lowered the glass and showed his thumbs up sign again..then he pulled aside and asked me if i was going right (bcos he was going that direction)..when i said i was going straight to TVK park, he said, pl come and sit and I shall drop u..after all u r an aam aadmi:-)

- 2 days back i was returning back from ayanavaram after the campaign late evening and the bus conductor came near me and asked "AAP, eh?" i said yes..he asked what i was, i said i was a volunteer..he asked again what are you? "volunteer" i said again..and he said no post? i said "no, even AK is not the thalaivar..this isnt a hero worship party..' he then told me " no saar, even in gandhi's days he was the leader and he had posts and organisers..u shud also have.." then he went on to ask many questions and said he is in to some social service in his native- Dindivanam and that he wants to start AAP office out there:-)

- yday late evening arnd 10pm I was walking on Greams Road from near egmore to catch a bus on Mount road..suddenly an youngster on bike comes near and says 'i saw u campaigning for the AAP candidate..tell me where do u have to go? I will drop u.." when i said it was far off, he said 'ok, let me drop u at the bus get on the bike'..then he dropped me and while we talked abt politics etc he said he was a practicing doctor! he said he will join AAP and thats is the only hope..

so many hopes...hope these translate to fulfillment..