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When all trees have been cut down, when all animals have been hunted, when all waters are polluted, when all air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money. - Cree Prophecy

Sunday, November 13, 2005

weekend nuggets

For those of you who keep asking me How do I timepass??
If u ask me what do u do on a satday evening? The answer is: sit on the roof top at Ranjith with ur old friends (yeah pun intended) with cold barley extracts and green salads (after a couple of rounds this green stuff strangely turns to deep fried stuff, still..who, discuss the country, world, polytrix, people and all that – like in the chai shop sittings of “those days”..

Ok to Chennai updates:
I did not spot clogged up water in most places I went around..but heard in places like Haddows Rd or in some specific subways water did clog up to 3 feet but was pumped out by the officials every other it was like “now u see it, now u don’t”!!
Yeah yeah..places like velachery where essentially lakes or tanks were converted to real estates are the real estates under water..whose greed was it is a highly emotional and philosophical question to discuss here..and places like Avadi, ambattur where rain water harvesting was not practiced are under water..Yes! As I mentioned sometime back, this RWH has resulted in rain water really going down with out great efforts by corporation/municipality and also resulted in a good increase of the water table!
and I shud tell u this cheap stuff:- In some places like V’kkam the opposition guys felt so irked that the water was not clogging and causing inconvenience to people, cut of some tanks and “created” water pools..disgusting ain’t??talk of people, sense,polytrix..chi..

The parks at many places are looking neat..and BTW u cant do a "mannar & co" stuff for long at many of these parks and people are not allowed beyond 10PM in evenings..hmm..

Now I plan to go to Blore in the next couple of days..and may be will have a good picture of a city going down the drains..
BTW Blore’s loss is becoming chennai’s gain in recent times and that too silently, I hear..more on that as I see/hear…

Talking of cricket matches – man it was sweet, nice and great and a bunch of other adjectives..but was not a treat to watch! Yeah it became boringly one sided and this rout is just too good to good thing is we shall have a reality check soon.. SA are already here..By all prob I shud be watching the Blore game from the stands..

finally a short update on Cargo fiasco– situation is bad..But am confident I shall not spare them..will get the compensation..but when is a ?


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