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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Cyberabad Blues..

am in Hyd..oops cyberabad..even the police here calls themselves cyberabad police..
what a diff here in this city in a few years...hmm..malls malls everywhere..big, huge buildings, great complexes, just about every IT, telcom, BPO is present the real estate, biryani, icecream, bus cahrge, auto fare, everything has gone its an understatement...skyrocketed is the right word..

Must see:
while u r here, u must see the Golkonda fort, preferably with a guide..thanks to suda n krish i visited there... man!! amazing fort..built 100s of years back when cement was not there and to see the water routing ideas..its amazing..
the best part is the acoustics behind..Brilliant..they have played with architecture and acoustics can clap from the main entrance of the fort and u can hear that on the top of the fort 450 feet up..and u clap from there its heard on all the 8 gates and 87 bastions- spread arnd 7.5 kms..but sadly maintained..still there is a fantastic sound and light show in the evening (voice of the inimitable Amitab!!)..

over to some other titbits..

Irani tea shops r still crowded but did not find samosas stacked up as it used to be..or did i go to a wrong place??

cell..cell everywhere..bus, shared auto, playgrounds, irani shops, malls, on raods esp on bikes.. just about everywhere people are talking on cell phones..are they faking or are there really so many responding to somany talkers..hmmm...

land of Biryani..but *sigh* - u order a veggie biryani, just about everybody incl ur waiter looks down up on u..why this discimination eh??

From Golkonda went to a very interesting place called "Taramati Baradhari"..great expansive place with excellent landscaping on the outskirts..surprisingly promoted by the APTDC..gr8 loacle, grand open air audi etc..but but..u just need to enter the only restaurant there..che..govt to the boot..stupid decor, nonsense ambience, almost nothing available, i_dont_care_u_pl_p(h)ack_off looks..hmm..when will our govt learn..or when will such ideas percolate till the bottom to realise such grand ideas..sigh sigh...

lots of internet cafes, like this one from where Iam typing this:-)

met a couple of my old contacts..they all crib they just dont get folks to work in the conventional industry..every one is heading to BPO n co.."hey i work for Dell, u for MS??" seems to be a likable conversation than saying I work in XYZ hospital or ABC dealers..lets see how long??

so am dutifully doing my packing assistance for my aunt and also managing these rounds in to the old n new city to have a hang of the place after years..nostalgic..really..
more later..


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