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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

cyberabad II

ever wondered how come so many gults are present all over the globe??
I have sort of sorted that out;-)
There is a famous Balaji temple here at Hyd which is famously called "Visa Balaji" temple..
and I need not apprise u of the crowd that throngs there with "visa applications"..that Mr.Balaji shud be working over time to process these..and that really looks like a popular and successful route..

Roads are really good and broad from what I saw a few years!!cyberabad beats chennai and Blore by miles..even the public transport esp buses are aplenty..(though murphys law worked to perfection when I was waiting for a bus at Mehdipatnam for one specific 2xx bus and 80 buses crosses - all 5,8,9s and 1xx but not the 2xx i wanted..still i wud say its impressive, my luck apart)..add to that the neat and good metros (MMTS)..i said neat bcos, the MMTS statiosn (even at places where its just adjacent to the old regular rlwys, is amzingly neat..and is prompt too, mostly..)unfortunately this looks pathetically unpopular..
probably it wud take ysr a few more years to undo naidus work unlike in blore..hey..devegowda is real quick, eh??

u wud ask hows the Traffic? all directions like the rain water on a speeding trains glass on the other side..running in at various (mostly break neck) speeds in all possible directions and trying to join a couple of predetermined "trodden paths" really needs extraordinary skill to drive like hell my friend Balki "drove" right, left and centre with a casual "be a hyderabadi @ hyd ma.."..looks like U is the most liked alphabet in Hyd..every one puts an U how ever zig zag once in a while almost everywhere preferably on the crowded main roads..oof..tuff..
but like most things , it works here!!
enof of Hyd blogs..moved to Blore..which is still a mess trafficwise and everywise..but as u can guess, like how i have come here already twice in the last month, some how folks still throng here and hence add to the chaos..

for the cric buffs, it was shameful show by the Indians at had to see to believe the pathetic shameful display of talents..esp the way tendul and lax prodded arnd and thadavified(man sorry no eqvlt word for this in english) so badly giving enormous respect to even bad balls of forget the respect offered to murali and vaas..finally sangakara freaked out by standing up to the stumps for vaas..amazing stuff..chk out vaas's figures to know how he was played by our demi gods!!


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