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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Golf Villa(ge)

Had been to a Golf village called Eagleton, some 40kms from Blore..
NO! did not play golf! (My op on golf is damaging..its no sport..more on that later!)
Nor am I trying to market that place to u..
Just that I enjoyed being there and so this report..
NS, an old pal of mine, has a villa in this golf village..(oh! Few years back when I heard of this being promoted and saw that place, I laughed saying ‘golf/plots?..and 40kms away?’)
Now I see those bought then are laughing their way to the banks..That place is thronged by golf addicts from all over!
I went there the afternoon and spent time on “diet” and quite walks..a serene and tranquil place, filled with oxygen! So O2 is still available even 40kms away..excellent villas, nice roads and so many passionate people discussing golf everywhere (the last part I was not very comfy)
And finally this NS fella’s son is a prodigious player at 9 years, going and playing golf tournaments across India and has been in top 3!! So I can say I know a to-be-golf-millionaire in the coming days ;-)

PS: just to give u an idea of how popular this game golf has become in India, some of the old clubs have a 20 years waiting time for memerbships..and this place eagleton has so many members playing day in and day out and also there is the big “golf tourism” from Japan!!


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