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When all trees have been cut down, when all animals have been hunted, when all waters are polluted, when all air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money. - Cree Prophecy

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Everybody is free! everybody is free!
after the Bombay blasts the ritualistic formalities are over for almost all..
so everybody is free..
the govt- gave some quota of croc tears, visited hospitals, delivered bollywood dialogs and carried they are free now for the next - terrorist act or somelike political gimmick
our foriegn office- which was in the midst of a 'peace talk' with who else but pak, while this blast was happening gave some sound bytes and 'threats' and is continuing what they do at best - prepare some dialogs for free delivery for any incident. so they r free too now!
Mushy darling – shud be so happy not even customary demands like power cut off on Sundays for dawood, no meat on Fridays for al terrorullah he is free happily instructing/entertaining ISI, LeT, arundathi roys and commies of next acts..which is just one presentation prepared few years back and just needs he is free too!
ISI – after the customary negating initial ‘demands and accusations’ from India (which was minimal and so did not trouble them much this time) and cursing the ‘operators’ for such a small harvest of deads and is busy expanding its holiday resorts in Nepal, Bangladesh, assam, west Bengal & kerala.
Columnists - offering various theories and analysis, grinding words- counting them and ofcourse counting the income that result out of these words!
Media- filling columns with column-inches of gibberish, recycled analysis and ‘expert ops’..and directly or indirectly encouraging such acts – depending on which side of ‘left’ they are in.
Secularists - oh! they are ever free bcos they have their life made. Long back they had propounded a theory and that stands good for any eventuality. 'The Hindu fundamentalist's act has angered the muslims so much so these acts are only a return gift.' So they will keep justifying the terrorist shit and so we shall learn to live with them as well while they r free..
as for the terrorist - they shud have laughed their rear end off to their content at our style of management then planned the next acts and are free now- prolly holidaying in kashmir..
we citizens - sigh out loud at the apathy and cuss the govt/terrorist/seculars/fundamentalists/who ever (depending on ur leanings)- but all this during a coffee break or in a chai shop or while in unit we are free too, waiting for the next biggggg thing to affect us and to act with no reaction and get the medals called " matured citizens - did not fall prey to the terrorist's game plan"..

Oh! what a group of diversified lot we are!! ain't we proud of it??
else where Israel is freaking out on the hezbollahs and co bcos a couple of their defence guys were taken hostage. hmm..those docs who visit here- pl enlighten me if there is a possibilty to have 'spine transplant'??

And ME – phew..I was not free and so had to write about this only are you free now to read and comment?


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