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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Gala time..

rather no time..for anything else..
so many chums returning back (to India for good)- so need to 'educate' them and drive thru the realities here incl the sea change in bars/eateries..(hey madras bars seek for shoes and dress codes..hmm)
engaged with domestic folks who have come home on vacation..
then this has been a big 'hit on old pals' month..have been running in to many of my old friends whom I thought I have lost for ever- just after college or after the first job..what with only the postal service to be in touch those days, add to that our laziness and u had the best cocktail for 'nontouchability'! i mean no-touch-syndrome.
Today I shall bump in to one of my best pals in college whom I thought we all had lost track of for close to 2 decades am buzzzing with eagerness to see him after ages and see what he is up to these days..I just need to recall all his pranks in college to fill in GBs of data here..shall do some of that soon..y'day I was caught laughing alone as I was just munching his pranks..
so I told u folks, whats keeping me extremely busy, add to that the regular dinner,brew parties, send off, sudden meetings, old time sakes, nri visitors, and what not..
so having a gala time..very busy..and so U escape with less time for me to scribble here..


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