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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


yes! am busy..with sweet nothings asusual..
in Blore now and so less time to con"net"..infact few tries in the last few days was it another block by our GOI?? I dunno..
asusual meeting up friends and driving arnd..
as to things that have hit headlines, as I said last time most things become irrelevant or late by the time I find time to guys pl bear with this for some more time..
one thing that is on high coverage these days is NUTwar issue..that permanently-foot-in-the-mouthwala is going gaga on all 24x7 tvs..I find it funny that he gets so much coverage and that every party is encouraging him.
In my op, he is (un?)fit to be welcome only by commies, for he really gives nasty and meaningless sound bytes like pinkos..and mostly his views shall be damaging to the nation. So what if he is caught in some internal bikerings and is being given the boot (oh! the royal bootlicker given the boot, oh so chweet to see that)..the other parties shud have quietly watched the fun from outside..hmm.but we are talking Indian politrix..
The best part of what little I saw of this issue was he issued some statements like "manmohan singh has no spine" and the next one was "I will never say anything against Soniaji" u know who is the invertebrate here, dont u?? The only thing he says he has achieved in his long career is "his loyalty to the gandhi family and esp soniaji"..oh, come on guys, grow up atleast once in ur life time..

Then there is this great tragedy of the rain and floods in Maha,Guj and sad..and its so pathetic a sight..we can do well without such mindwrecking footages..but these 24x7s pounce on such disasters as 'god sent' and pack us with such footages..sometimes I doubt if they are really happy when disasters occur..


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