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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Shopping @ Blore

Shopping at Blore these days can be totally diff and interesting too..
It cud be as organized as the west cud get and as vast in US..
Man!! but u need to beat the blore traffic still..But once u beat the traffic and r in to some place it’s a great experience..
so no more u need the experiences from bangkok or europe trips to narrate the big shopping binge..u can indulge as much here and iam pretty sure blore leads the way there.. The very fact that metro is only in blore and now talking of other places is a proof.
Iam not talking of the regular (and every-street-corner-occupying foodworlds) or the big sprawling malls like forum, garuda etal but special ones like the Metro or Big Bazar..
They are huge set up with expansive parking like in the US and just about everything under one roof..real big and vast variety, let me warn u..
Of these Metro has very low prices (of course many a times u need to take in threes or multiples) can enter in only if u r registered and for that u need to be a business man (with sales tax registration)..that itself shows its more like a whole sale set up and it proves so..offering unimaginable prices on many products (even TVs and other electronics items!)
As for big bazaar , he hee..i just barged in to relieve myself of my urgent natures call when I got stuck in kathriguppe area..I was told this had even attractive offers..
The whole building was so crowded and I cud not imagine such a huge shop coming up in that area..and man this bloody bazaar doubled the land value of the surroundings in no of land prices and speculation, hmm..
What is most obvious in any mall is the youth factor and their spending power..really puts us off..i mean those of us who were such youths just a decade ago:-)


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