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Friday, December 22, 2006

Satisfying weeks..

Last 2 weeks have been hectic nevertheless very satisfying..had many concerts (kutcheries) to attend to and met quite a few interesting outstanding people performing community service..more on them in the next days..
Oh! What abundant talent in the karnatic many youngsters- freaking this is a real to-be-season in many many many canteens;-) its real refreshing and filling to our ears, eyes and stomach..
It’s a very nice part of culture and tradition to carry must not forget the NRIs/ desis part in this..there r so many of them here to perform or participate just as good talk of performers : OS Arun freaked out with his typical Hindustani influ carnatic and his bhava, speed and flow is very impressive..lotsa halls like the DR.Nalli hall for Krishna gana sabha or the great narada gana sabha or evn the recent kamaraj aranagam are great..Vijay siva was conventional, no gimmicks, smooth and fantastic..more new ofcourse the old stalwarts are marching in style..
Anuradha srirama and her hubby sriram were such a nice couple on the dias..both had such a good command of Hindustani and carnatic and freaked out in that jugalbandhi treat..the ease with which she goes on highhhhhh pitches, amazing swaras..really great..
We made it a point to visit most newbies and recent talents and had great really fulfilling times..even more amazing than these performers was the enthu of old (really old rasikas) and the youth who throng venue after venue..i have been longing to be part of a ‘season’ once..atleast am happy I cud partly satiate that dream..yeah, with my long impending blore trip, I need to be satisfied with this part(ial) partake..add to that some very fulfilling visits to places of extraordinary community services..oh! 2 well spent weeks..
One thing to note- don’t select sabhas which have some school/college audi as its, the crowd wil be good, organizers will be good too, but the sound system will really put u off..


  • At December 27, 2006 1:53 AM, Blogger jsriram said…

    Didnt know that you were such a big fan of carnatic music.. recent inclinations ??

  • At December 27, 2006 9:46 PM, Blogger Ananthoo said…

    i did not miss many there in CH too! plus never got such oppor in madras..always wanted to do in earlr years too..but even now its truncated- am now in blore:-(


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