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Tuesday, January 08, 2008


The Symonds- bhajji issue: did we hear Racism?
Bull shit..if any one thinks Symonds shud not be shouted at bcos he is the only colored in Oz team, I beg- who is racist here? If he feels threatened in an all white team or Oz society , its his whats that racism crap our media is talking..
Why was Symonds in the picture at all if Bhajji had a rub with Lee? What does he mean by saying ‘I had a crack at harbajan for this’ and why?? If he says he had a crack then let him also be ready to receive a crack as well!
As for ‘monkey’ thingy itself, the crowds miming monkey chants etc, its just stupid and shameful but no racism there..

Then we have Bucknor! Oh man!! He shud be siphoning a big part of his sal to someone high up, else it’s a miracle he is an elite umpire still after all those goof ups all along. Its no coincidence most of his mistakes were against India. IMHO he shud have been sacked the day he mimed something ugly (indicating alleged usage of some toffee by Dravid) to Dravid, one of the impeccable guys out there.

Now, this is a very good one! Aussies have been having a crack on all players and have been getting away bcos they used to always say ‘lets leave all that’s done in the field in the field itself’ and all teams foolishly thought that was the spirit and never complained! And here, they like fools went and cried wolf.. whining and running like a primary school there is no escape for them..all teams will go running to the umpires or other officials about all that they usually mouth during the match..(remember that Sarwan- Mcgrath issue?)

A good dev in Oz is that some of the sports legends have got together and shall complain to Aus cric Board about sagging aussie image!

So u saw it..we said this post is about cricket and we have not spoken anything about a game here.. so much for this series! But that’s how pathetic our performance has been, so all our media and followers have pounced on these distractions and are having a field day..
Still Iam happy that once BCCI showed some spine, right or wrong, oz needs this kick up their back..



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