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Friday, January 11, 2008

Modi! all the way!!

The travel in the last days and lack of net friendly places deprived us of some spicy happenings being discussed here..topping that was Modi win!
Although many Gujjus I spoke to said it was given, our media esp English ones really added so much imagination to ‘News’ and kept us guessing..the papers like Hindu even twisted the ‘satta market’ and portrayed a modi loss, that is trying to fool themselves and others till the actual verdict came.
But for that rub and some very shining points I wud not have visited this topic so late..
Lets see some of the very striking and unique points:
1/ Did u guys notice that- None, not even our MSM or his political opponents ever lodged any corruption charges against him! Is it not a first in Indian politrix??
2/ I have heard from very close circle (of his) that he is very intolerant to corruption and that’s the major reason for many dissidents.
Hey, is that not sounding like one of what we wud talk with gritting teeth that we shud throw away any one corrupt and shud be impeccable, bla bla..and here he was that! He boldly didn’t give tickets to some 50 of such corrupt guys..
3/ I did have the fortune of meeting him in person once in CH at a private dinner and he only spoke of his plans and invited investments..he infact did that or over did and made his state shine really well. all those present then were maha-impressed with his approach and style.
4/ NO! he never offered any sops this time! No free TV, no free power..infact inbetween even VHP etc protested against him for not giving free power.
5/ a simple man whose brother retired from some clerical job from state govt, another works in a small job and moves around in an old chetak, his mom lives in a slum, one bedroom house and he himself has only 2 peons and 1 cook (each standing for the other in case of absence)in the official residence.
6/ and here most of our visual & eng media was crying to stop a hitler!
7/ None of them ever reported about his simple and still-the-same-poor kith n kin or that he has not amassed wealth..his mom was not even given a place on the dias when he was sworn in last time, she was apparently watching from sidelines (like in our tamil movies!)

It’s a good development that he got elected unlike Naidu and Krishna. It’s a good precedence if such doers get elected so giving us all some hope..
I don’t know about his role in’02 and don’t care if the locals elect him twice after that and esp its this media that is crying lets only see the positives and welcome such an honest, capable and performing CM! hats off to him for coming out victorious inspite of all those taints and paints..and esp for his resolve to perform and continue in the same way..



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