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Sunday, April 27, 2008

If u cant beat them, beat them..

or him?? so thought Bhajji and so this comedy unwinds at IPL..its an irony that the 2 worst behaved players went in to a spat..or is it a slap?
the only worthy thingy to watch for me in IPL till date;-)
what a shame..slapping another player, esp some one who was in ur dressing room till very recently..Now we know whether it was maa ki or monkey..or may be he is actually that 'obnoxious weed' of cricket and needs to be removed..
I will be terribly upset if he is not banned for lifetime.. what a shame the act itself was and worser sham it will be if he is let off with some slap on the wrist.
That shall leave one more weed - the one at the receiving end this time, sreesanth, to be removed soon..guys with less talent and so much of histrionics and regularly bringing the game to shud be good riddance to bad rubbish, deservedly!
I vaguely remember these 2 guys had a spat last year too in some local tournament (Ranji or challenger or something!)

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