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Sunday, March 23, 2008

a request..

u folks were informed about the initiative called "ReStore"..restoring health, livelihoods and nature is the byline- which says it all..\
This initiative was lauched with a millets mela last month as u know..One of the activities of Restore shall be having a shop where all organically raised products and ecofriendly art n craft products shall be sold..this way we shall help the small farmers in selling their products and at fair price..same for artisans & craftsmen..we shall have transparent pricing: price paid to farmer/artisan + transportation cost; the same shall be displayed in the shop..more updates shall come up soon on our site..

We, a set of volunteers involved in this non-profit org, have been looking out for an ideal space of around 300-500 square feet in south madras (esp Mylapore, Mandaiveli, Adyar, Thiruvanmiyur areas)..So good hearted souls like you are requested to look around and check if you or your kith/ kin have some good space in the said locale. It could be a garage or some ground or first floor of one of those old and spacious houses in these areas..It cud be mutually beneficial for some of u NRIs' whose parent(s) could be alone in some big house and such a venture coming up there cud offer the ever wanted security indirectly plus a nice and 'organic' past time if they wud involve too.. win-win folks?
So pl look around and do sound me of any ananthoo {at}hotmail {dot} com..and BTW shud I mention here that we intend paying nominal rent..thanks in advance folks..



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