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Sunday, April 20, 2008

What a man!

Dr.Nammazhvar (or Nammalvar) is an amazing man with enormous energy and was the pioneer in organic farming. It was he who started this organic movement in Tamilnadu and kept spreading it with so much energy and vigor. But for him, TN farmers would not have made such headway in chemical free toxic resins free organic farming. Not that whole of TN is now organic, but its bcos of him that TN is where they are now! He was with the agri dept in late 60s and in 3 years found it tuff to go about the wrong ways they were leading then..he did not want to lie or present wrong facts and stats and so quit his job! Since then leads a very simple yogic life traveling around educating farmers all over. He goes anywhere, stays anywhere and eats what ever is provided (he even goes without food for days and says one meal a day is more than sufficient!).
I had the opportunity to spend a day in his workshop at vikravandi (near villupuram) in an organic farm. What an experience it turned out to be.I was impressed by his style and approach - very friendly, sincere and down to earth! He goes about, in his cute inimitable style, the whole genesis of agriculture, mentions of agri in Thirukural etc, how and when we lost control and how the chemicals/green revolution/official machinery screwed our ancient and nature friendly ways and so on..inbetween nice snippets, slight pulls about MS Swaminathan & co’s dramas, our old proverbs and sayings an d more..In all a very eventful day and was packed with so much info..just walk along with him and u get so much info on each plant/herb u come across- their medicinal value and other uses..if so much cud go in to a person like me, who till a couple of years back never bothered about what happens in a field or what was agri and how it was practiced! Imagine how relevant and useful his speech wud be to farmers. A great man performing immense service to the society! Let him live long and serve us all!

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  • At September 30, 2009 9:56 AM, Blogger kalyan said…

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  • At September 30, 2009 9:57 AM, Blogger kalyan said…

    I am so envous to hear you saw and spoke with Dr.Nammalvar..

    Can you tell me, how to see him in person or even from a distance and witness his great work through my eyes..

    i am sure , it will be a great inspiration...


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