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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chennai cricket test

NO! I will not go there..
Iam glad there are very few spectators at Chepauk. I really wish the turn out is very less for all these spite of the mind boggling amounts amassed by BCCI, none of the grounds (may be single exception of Mohali) is anywhere near customer friendly atmosphere. Pathetic facilities esp considering the money BCCI mints..its a shame that the basic toilet & water facilities will be the worst one could imagine and just think of the food (stall) options one gets inside..But they will never learn.. compare that to the hockey ground (& the tennis court too) at Chennai by the prev J govt, as mentioned long back here. Another reason why cricket shud lose spectators is to let the IPL fellas lose and facilitate some sensible correction there.

Caveat: This doesnt mean my love of cricket is lost. I will still relish the sweet wood sound out of a well middled straight drive ..I will still go and play that occassional game with my friends..but thats bcos, as repeated many times here, thats a disease am afflicted with it, but wish the nextgen escapes that.

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