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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tamasha at IPL continues..

Mallya spells his mind and that's fodder enof for MSM..only proving that he is thinking postfact..who in his mind wud invest so much on Kallis and then have him sit out! Which of that is wrong? If u don’t have (good) advisors why wud u even venture out? And the bytes that come out for Blore players (chk those of Shahrukh and VVS esp) is even more funny.. But can any one justify picking Joshi and Kumble:-) for how many $$$ that is?
Slowly but surely IPL is showing off that it defied logic from the start..good for the game..
I only wish somewhere it hits the Board and they suddenly spruce up the grounds and atleast have the toilet facilities and other basics straight..what a shame we still talk of such issues when their coffers are overflowing…
'Shame' reminds me of Harbajan and looks like he shall be let off..that's not good for the game and not for Team India surely..but we all know everything is ‘fixed’ and follows a pattern in this game these days..else how wud one explain this sudden “suspended sentence” for Shoaib Akthar and this convoluted design to let him play some matches for the kolkatta team..This sure is not a sport anymore folks..
while on it, to talk of some plus- see warne bowl and captain (oh! did i get that order wrong) be fair I told long back that the teams to watch for wud be Hyd and jaipur. one failed..but i backed Jaipur bcos i love watching warney bowl..but he sure has bowled us all over not only with his wrist but the googlies of thoughts with which he entangled all opposition till date! what a miss for Oz ain't?



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