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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I happened to see the Dasavatharam audio release program on TV! It was a winding looong program with mostly boring speeches. The highlight was Jackie Chan being the chief guest. He was so sweet and charming with a perennial smile and his world famous mischievous gestures. But it was pathetic to find that no one was posted near him to translate, atleast in pieces, as to what was being spoken (esp when ever his name was mentioned).That was a shame..When kamal did mention in English about his desire to act with him (rather kamal said, I shall remember ur promise of acting with me!) he gestured back which went like “I shall do the romancing and u do the action”..The CM MK actually did a biiig drab biography of Chan and all that Chan and Amitabh(the other biggie on stage) were doing was looking blank in that direction. Why shud these guys have such tall figures who don’t understand tamil as guests but go on grinding in tamil, che..illmannered stuff that was!

The highlight IMHO was when Chan was presented the first CD by the CM. He was presented in a big wrapped up cover with some fancy lace which was opened on the stage and as usual foto ops followed. Just as people on the stage were getting back Jackie Chan coolly walked up and picked all those plastic wrappers, lace etc and walked to the corner searching for a bin:-)
What a gesture! Did people watch it? Did those on the stage really notice and did they learn?? Or will they, ever?

Note: While am a big fan of his great works, I feel queasy about such hyped up pre-release stunts of Kamal and many a times seen them go dud. Aalavanthan comes to mind:-(
(as for the songs themselves, I heard once and none fell in to the tamil song variety..some were very hey ram-like! very noisy and westernish)



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