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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Jet crash land..

Iam not going to talk of the crisis at jet airways or the retrenchment or their management woes..actually who cares? Such financial bubble bursts help a lot, environmentally that is:-)
esp the glorified satta market called stock exchange requires this burst more often! people start thinking- to buy, invest, to fill petrol, to fly, to party even!! That’s good for our planet! Let the consumerism madness go down a bit..
Coming back to Jet - the retrenchment drama, Raj’s intervention (or was it not?), reinstatement- all these action packed drama was the highlight in that busy week of mine..
I couldn't really blog..actually I couldn't read or follow news at hectic was it..but in the midst of all this, this Jet drama interested me the most..or bothered me the most!
There is some crisis in an industry and job cuts are norms esp in these exaggerated economic days..but if these, otherwise snobbish upper class elites, think they are right in approaching Raj Thackarey, of all the politicos, hmm.. shame on them..
And 2moro if he comes back and starts dictating his other pet ordinances, where will all these jokers go? You want some examples? Here we go:
All non-maharastrians lose their jet jobs; all non-marathas go to other states or where ever; all correspondences in jet shall be in marathi only; shift your base to nasik or pune or timabaktu wherever raj thinks he wants it;
BTW he said he shall stop all jet planes from taking off! u think he actually could have done that? Finally, if it is actually ok to go to him to rush for your job loss- never again crib for any of his tantrums and nuisance!

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