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Thursday, October 23, 2008

role reversal?

Isn’t long since we had some cricket here..thats bcos cricket either has been tooo much or so boring for quiet sometime now..if you see, even the Aussie- Ind series is not commanding any crowd! Bindra or someone talked about lack of facilities in our grounds..regulars here know, i for one has been crowing about this for years ! I hope the board takes it seriously and revamps the grounds with good facilities..atleast I don’t intend going to any ground till they do so. That’s quiet a stubborn statement coming from someone who travelled all the way from CH to UK to follow many matches of the Champions Trophy in 2004.
The talks about the fabfour (or five) will die down for some more time, now that we won. But am sure they are on the wane and deserve the boot sooner than later. Atleast a good youthful team can be built. Dhoni fella really excels whenever he is sure kumble wud hav muffed atleast a handful times if he were in and may be we wud have drawn or just about scraped with a win. Oh! BTW who wud have taken the Oz wickets in 1st innings then?
I wish Kumble feigns injury like tendulkar(when ever in dubious form) does and stays away, else it shall revive interest in this series bcos Aussies will be given a good chance to bounce back. As for Gangs, good for him- no more politix and no more suspense with the picking of every squad. Its time anyway that he hung his boots. Laxman and Kumble will fade away soon..That will leave tendul & Dravid a couple of years and its ok. May be tendul will chase a couple of more records and this HMV boy shall leave in peace. Not that there are great guys out there waiting in the fringe. Badrinaths, Rainas, Rohits all may be very ordinary players but in lively pitches the same dicey innings of the fab5 shall be emulated by these newbies too, if not better! So its cool if they leave..if they leave one by one, like gangs, lets applaud and don’t make an issue out of it, lest they think we all need them and stay put.
Talking of aussies, its so heartening to see that so much Indianess is visible. They are batting the demons of pitches where none exists, bowling exactly like Indians (I mean before) where the opponents extracts so much pace, bounce, swing and spin in the same pitch and even fielding with drooping shoulders, missing run outs..Oh what a reversal, esp after all that big talk by Ponting before the series. Their media is also behaving like ours, hunting and haunting them for all non-issues.. ha enjoying every bit of all these off-the-pitch incidents. Here you go, if you were a cricket fan like me once and think its not worth following like before, go and enjoy all these fringe activities..they are funny and engrossing:-)



  • At October 23, 2008 8:09 PM, Blogger Naveen said…

    fringe activities'a? so you don't watch the actual cricket much?

  • At October 23, 2008 9:48 PM, Blogger Ananthoo said…

    hey navz..i said < if you were a cricket fan like me once and think its not worth following like before, go and enjoy fringe activities>
    enna madakariya?
    seriously cricket has lost its charm and so lost fans like me, who were ardent once! It has lots to do with the Board's wisdom.


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