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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bombay blasts

Another one at Bombay and this time more damage.
The most devastating for me is the killing of the top police officers like Karkare and Kamte . Some of them were real life heroes and had put their life on fire for too long in various encounters and such like.
Now this gloomy death not only shatters the morale of the police dept but of us public too. Such men were rare! To go out there expecting death each time is not easy and to have come out so many times and helped us all to wander in confidence was godly! And now that they are not there any more is a sad thing and for some strange foolish islamic terrorist to take them is unpardonable.
But now that has happened and that more than 100 lives have been lost, let them all rest in peace. As for these police officers, we have no words of solace to offer their families except to pray for them and for their departed souls.
I seriously cant believe that our media (esp visual and English ones) are there everywhere and wanting crazy sound bytes. So irresponsible at such times of serious crimes.(Saw Sreenivasan jain talking crap about one of the guys to assume leadership? hmm) I wish the police take these eager-for-bytes media guys as shield in to the sites, che.
Aside : Imagine putting your life on fire with the knowledge that the govts/politicos would only screw it up. What a shame? Asusual there shall be talks of intelligence failure, external hands, foreign terrorists, Umma, hama etc and all those used to washing off of responsibility! But do we really care?

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