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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What happens to the CEOs?

And the top executives who all were (or are?) given millions as pay & perks. All they managed to do is plunge the market. You may say these are glum days in the market, but who caused that may I ask? What do ya mean if they are to steer profits when all is fine, who needs them? If they weren’t to understand the loose soil they were all standing and building, what was that big fat check for?
Ok, the whole society was a fool in glorifying them and ratifying their pay. Now what? What happens to them in this aftermath?
Ok except some small solace (or kick is it?) like this :-)
This may seem like poetic justice to you or could bring some smile to ur face..but think! Have you thought what happens to all these big farts? Ever heard of those chit company fellas of the big financial & chit firm fraud of TN in late 90s? They all shud be in some big bungalow or resort on a hammock. What justice? Talk of all those who sunk their life time savings & benefits in them. Hmm..scary..I know of a couple of my friends' parents who are yet to come to term with that.
Now atleast in the states where there can be some semblance of law that can be brought, shouldn’t some sanity prevail? Oh No! lets not discuss jail term etc..a few years there or bail and a few months down the line they shall be in some other ‘executive’ post with a new vulgar salary and sinking another firm/industry.
Who was that? Jon stock or someone suggested, these fellas should be asked to serve on some social service duty. I would add freeze their benefits and savings and push them to such community service. That’s justice in my op.
But, wake me up guys..lemme stop dreaming.

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