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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

ND update

A forest recreated, an alternate living style redesigned, low cost ecofriendly houses to live, home grown fruits and veg – u think Iam dreaming right?
NO! I am talking about my trip to ND! It’s a great place! To be, to retire or just to visit.
Their food is out of the world- simple, healthy and amazingly tasty!
The Hosur weather I have been told many times is better than Blore and here I saw it to believe! The number of walks that we took around the 100 acres of sprawling ND or the birds we watched in the evenings or the silent hours we spent in those excellent ecofriendly house, missing ND already!
The food out there is fantastic- not only healthy and mostly home grown but very innovative, different and tasty!
In an attempt to make a living for the neighbouring villagers, the resident employees and the village (SHG) members have a health food division. This makes lots of healthful snacks and package variety of organic products. The healthy snacks are attractive & tasty apart from being healthy. For instance there is no frying but just dry roasting of nuts in the aval/pounded rice mixture!
Over all it an awe-inspiring place. Add to that the jolly good interactions one can have with Ananthu, Gopalan & others and most importantly the Library with its gems of collection.
Another reason to be there was W’s long time friends (couple) were staying there for some months now and they intend to settle there. How I wish they do and then ND will have more reason for us to visit many more times:-)

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  • At July 07, 2009 12:29 AM, Blogger GreenWorld said…

    Dear Sir,
    Iam Rajkumar, residing in Hosur,and iam interested in doing something for the environment.
    Pls. guide me as to how to proceed.
    Since we need to do some thing to preserve our environment.
    My No. is 09941061932.


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