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When all trees have been cut down, when all animals have been hunted, when all waters are polluted, when all air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money. - Cree Prophecy

Thursday, November 13, 2008

When did you last swim in a beach?

esp along the ECR (East Coast Road) in the outskirts of Madras? Heard of the real estately endowed urbane parts of Madras outskirts after Thiruvanmiyoor, Neelangarai?
How nice if you have visited the beach in those areas and swam!
All those areas all along the coast just dump raw sewage in to the beach! How irresponsible? They have been doing that without any qualms for years now. It all started with me asking at one of the Old age homes near Palavakkam that I frequent, about their garbage handling and sewage treatment! The cool answer was ‘sewage goes to the beach”..”ithoo ippadi..” swaying their hand in that direction .
After the initial shock was over, I calmed myself and asked a few more people and confirmed the same. Then came the best part: in some parts closer to Madras where the municipality (or the resp govt arm) that provides the sewage system dumps it in to the canal near by which ultimately converges the sea near Kovalam.
So here is the next question: When did you take a swim at Fishermans cove, Kovalam? remember that meeting or retreat you had there? Rather (when) did you drink water there?
Man! How cool, eh?
Mind you, all this imprudent dumping of sewage means lots. We don’t to even bat an eyelid. No care for what actually happens once it leaves (y)our campus.
Ever thought of how this sewage would go all the way to the sea? Just on the land may be a small guided channel! That means with the next rain, your yesterday’s excreta would have entered in to your water table.
hey, Iam rich, I have RO or some great filter. Is it? Do you eat fish? So have this..most of the raw sewage along with plastics that go in to the sea is what the fish is fed (up) on. So you are very much close to the unnaturally natural cycle of this food chain! Almost feeding your food for tomorrow with your excreta today. Good luck fellas! They also get all your harpic, bleaching powder, nappies and what not?
So next time you go to the beach or a beach resort please do not think of this. You might also add your own dash to the sea and so to your food.
Happy beach visits!

Its another matter that the eternal optimist in me is trying to urge the local bodies to spend some money (am even ready to get them some funds, hmm) and have a small treatment plant (decentralized) and then divert to the sea..may be your fish could taste a bit better! Till then, ooouvackkkkkkkk

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