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Friday, October 31, 2008

A Wednesday!

Why was there not much noise about this movie? Its one of the well made thrillers (if not the best ) in bollywood..very hollywoodish but with lotsa relevance to desi scene..
How ever well made the Hollywood flicks are, I feel am a bit displaced bcos I don’t gel with NYPD or LAPD or their infights and many such trivias that are purely yankee..But that doesn’t mean they shud make movies relevant to all & sundry in the world but my wish always was why not people here make movies of such caliber but very India relevant..
A Wednesday is an attempt at that and a highly successful one!
Remember the telephone booth- a gripping thriller with just one telephone booth as a set prop! What brains to make movies like that..This is nearly such an effort, monumental in our context.
Who better to take those roles that Anupam Kher and Nasrudeen Shah. What a performance..fantastic portrayal! I read somewhere that “ bring Kher as Mumbai Commissioner, he may do a good job, seeing the way he conducts in this role!” for Nasrudeen Shah, this shud be right up there among his scores of great jobs he has done.
I don’t think any review of this movie can attempt to say anything about the story or any incident in the movie. Its so intelligent that any extra word can result as a clue to the movie’s suspense! So go see the movie, its really worth it. A very powerful movie with the message just sliding across to you with panache.

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