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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dr Jeeva

Jeevanandam – named after a communist stalwart. You should have guessed! Dr. Jeeva is a born communist:-) and also practicing it. But before you guess it wrong, he is not a politician. So he is that ideal marxist and sincerely wishes to make this world a better place esp for the people in the lower half.
Visiting him was my main agenda in Erode and visit I did and was overawed by his deeds and achievements.
He is a ‘cool as a cucumber’ character. An anesthetist by profession and man of extraordinary ideas and cool achievements. He is instrumental in the Green shop(s) coming across as a chain of organic shops around south.
He can just churn out project reports with detailed financials in a few minutes in just one or two one sided papers! I saw a couple of his reports, one for a coming up trust hospital at Tanjore. The details were mindboggling and the simplicity with which he talks about it or has documented is amazing.
His strength is organizing- sponsors, members, donors, etc. He is responsible for a couple of schools and many trust hospitals. Erode trust hospital is one such hospital that is not only state of the art but also cheap and functional.
In his own words- ‘ the rich will pay and get anything, very poor will somehow manage or learn to live with their problems, but the middle class will struggle. Since I hail from that class, I only think more in their angle and so many of my projects would turn out to help them and the poor’. Truly the school & the various hospitals turn out to be a boon for the poor & mids. He also has churned out some hospices (in house care for terminally ill patients). And he says terminally ill will only increase in the coming days and he already sees it increasing at such a rapid pace- what with all our chemically toasted food and indiscreet tampering of food cycle. He claims all those synthetic & chemicals remains can only whip up more cancer & other terminally ill patients. What a sad state.
He is a man of brilliant ideas, profound knowledge and network. He says he is helping lots of rich wash their sins by giving them an opportunity to contribute to various good causes like his trust hospitals, hospices etc.
He has very insightful comments that he throws in the midst of absorbing conversations like:
- Mania of white is so high for us Indians. Why will you need a white tooth? White teeth means u have a problem..
- People wont come to streets like before. So the best revolution for today is lobbying
- Education WAS a good business, it has died now. What remains for all exploiters is health sector
- Such peoples' cooperatives alone can beat the 'corporates'
It was a very interesting meet and I hope to rub lot more times and pick some of his experience and intelligent servicing and also to work together on some issues. I look forward to those days.

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