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Monday, April 27, 2009

Fast and no end to fast ones..

so one more fast..
as the elections are approaching fast!
MK tried his it is at his age he shud be fasting every other day and here he tries this to woo voters!
what a politicks these people have made out of this SL tamils issue..there people are dying by thousands not bcos of the reasons we think or these politicos tell us..if u choose between the media for serious unbiased ones, most of them are dying bcos they are used as shields by the ltte! why shud people die for them while there is no sight of any solution.
Did you notice that Sri sri Ravishankar (who visited the war zone) said the refugee camps out there are far better than the ones we have for them here! none seem to have taken cognisance of this fact!
JJ, MK & all others just play around thinking this shall help them in the elections. But why? why will any one, say like me, who is immersed in so many problems (like my access road, water, sewage, garbage, electricity, price rise and tons of other issues that affect me directly) will vote bcos of a problem of someone far away (how ever genuine the problem is!) or for some trick like this which has become so routine and boring!
add to that jokes like JJ's separate eelam! she is promising that as though she would carve it out of her house! hmm..
But still MK's attempt to give his live (one more time - 10000th time??) for such a cause is no more laughable. But iam amazed at the rate at which so many poor people fall for this trick for the nth time..
so politicos actually win, dont they?

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