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Saturday, July 18, 2009

xerox, revaluation and some hope..

The said nephew(in the last blog ) of mine was very dejected he got some 190+ out of 200 in 2 subjects in which he was expecting 200 (centum)! In those days we would be sitting dejected, angst over the one who corrected and cursing the system.
But these days you can apply for 'xerox' and 'revaluation! Revaluation was there then too, but mostly you would never get any positive response.
I find this Xerox thingy very impressive. All you do is go and fill up an application, pay up some nominal money and request for a copy of your answer sheet. yeah, that's why this is called xerox - the proper noun that has become a commonly used verb today is here the 'function' or procedure too!
So we did request for his xerox:-)
Its amazing! you get a copy of it. In his case they were dead right. this fella had committed very silly mistakes and so didnt even think he wud go wrong in those areas and hence was expecting 100%. But he had indeed committed small mistakes. His dejection after receiving the xerox or his parents anguish is not what I want to cover here.
Is it not amazing to be so very accountable? Its something Iam yet to overcome yet. esp, coming as it is from our state board, iam really surprised that we have such huge responsibility & accountability set in the system. We can be sure that the marks one gets and such an accountable and dependable system is rare.
Hats off to TN State Board!

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