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Sunday, January 31, 2010

BT Brinjal- protest, fast and walk

Jan 30th was a big day for anti GM protest(ors) all over India..That being gandhi's death anniv, there were lotsa protests (sathyagraha way) planned all over..
many of you would have received mails from me regarding our action plan in TN/Chennai
(sample here )
Vandana Shiva, actor Revathi and Carnatic singer Vijay Siva joined us and walked all the way from Marina beach to Gandhi statue. Many students, ladies and activists joined. Surprisingly there was lotsa media coverage..
Street play was also performed..
the coup was Mr.Kalyanam - Gandhiji's last personal secretary was brought at the culminating point and asked to read the pledge! This man was amazing and am told- now in his 80s this man still gets up at 4am and cleans the road in which he lives. just to state that doing something nice for the society in a small way is better than talking and remembering gandhi once (or twice) a year!

coming back to the protest
you can also see more photos in the coming days at SFA.

Meanwhile if you care, try and do all you can to stop GM foods entering our diet in any form.

for more on GM here at this blog, see here. Pl scroll down to see all earlier posts.