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Sunday, January 24, 2010

lost mobile phone

very bad..i lost my mobile phone in a crazy way, while driving thru the forest road of hogenekal to denkanikottai:-(
so please note that for next few days am out of reach on mobile phone!

the matter is not about how I lost it but of the perils later..
if your service provider is BSNL, you had it..
for all you BSNL users, if you were pissed by them as a service provider, you had it if you want their help at times of distress like this.
Its next to impossible to get a cust care person online and after hours of persisting, if some one comes up, he would say he/she is from prepaid if you are a post paid customer and vice versa..oh man! after some 10 such nonsense conversations and blowing your top, you may come across the right section but they will only be as helpless and demand some tiger's milk(puli paal) or such like to start the procedure..

But, you know what? this bloody affair has subsided the loss of my good, eh? for someone who has lost something for the first time and that too my right hand- a phone..hmm, still am sad..
let me see if I can be persistent enough and get the same number. (number portability- where art thou?)

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