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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Half a day in the jail!

How sensational!
Yeah I spent half a day with prison officials and in the Puzhal prison..but don’t let ur imaginations fly..
It was to try and engage the prisoners in to agriculture..obviously organic farming!
See this and you know its not easy to handle prisoners..we cant ape the west in everything and then learn things the hard way..The prisons here (some of them)are modernized and the facilities and food too have been improved so much that most prisoners when they get back home find their homes very they want to come back:-) comical as this looks, this is a serious issue the prisons have as stated by a top official there that day. every one have their share of problems..
I was summoned by sevalaya Murali when he heard about the prison authorities wanting some plans to keep the prisoners engaged. Murali visits all prisons across TN and gives talks on Gandhi, Vivekananda and Bharathiar. I have been privy to many anecdotes from him about serious prisoners (like bomb making haneefa and likes) that if they were taught these when young they would not have gone this route..hmm, late but still, hopes..

So we took help of this man! Nammalvar is a walking organic encyclopedia…so I shud rate myself really lucky to go on this exploration trip..we shall now motivate the prisoners to cultivate their own food organically and change that whole place green and nice..what more we are already talking of what to do with the excess produce..hey they all jumped at me saying restore shud grab them..oh how I wish!
But the fact is they are serious..let us see how much we can put that in a paper, show them as a do-able report..Yes, all these govt projects will need more papers than deed:-( though not my cuppa, need to do that..any of u who can write flowery project report send me personal mail and you can help this whole thingy..

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