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Friday, December 11, 2009

More Coimbatore farms..

There seem to be many farmers who have taken to Palekar’s school here at CBE than anywhere else in TN! They were all very enthusiastic and convinced practioners. They wudnt stand any small deviation and so would be highly opinionated on many other popular farmers. Any body who doesnot have an indigenous cow doesnot feature in their books at all:-)
Prabhuram of Kuniyamuthur is an amazing character..a very enterprising farmer..has his own unique ways to market his produce..while we were talking he gets a phone call asking for organic milk (ofcourse from his ind cow) and he fixes the rate and calls his kid and says “ from 2moro start 10 minutes early bcos appa has to deliver milk too to another house on the way..(he already delivers veggies to some parents who come to drop their kids at the same school!)
Thangavel is not only an organic farmer but an organic person to the boot.his ways of talking and going out of the way to help people..his demeanor & advises to any body..his interest in organizing any farmers event or just enthusiastically driving me from one farm to another..I just had to mention that a friend of mine wanted alfalfa seeds and he wud drive a few kms out of the way to fetch that..His farm is a beauty and similar to Ashok’s but even more green manure and earthworms..He is a proud man who makes his own jeevamirtham and asked me to smell his hand and was proudly voicing that the jeevamirtham that he mixed in the morning was still in his hands..
All of them prepare all inputs and donot buy anything from market.
The feather in the CBE cap was rajasekar!
A voracious reader, a passionate farmer, great organizer, fantastic worker..
When I asked him if he buys organic produce himself, he said he buys occasionally..when I wanted to ask him why (thinking why is he not being a consumer first) he coolly said that in the adjoining few cents of land he plants his veggies, even toor and some grains! Very enterprising..
So whats his livelihood/business? He has a petrol bunk on the Trichy road!
The statement of the tour comes from him! “only when Crude gets over, rather- only when my business dies, our planet has chances of indirectly Iam waiting for my business to go phut..”
He is already planning a cooperative community of natural farmers to live and farm collectively.. he wants life not revenue (in chaste tamil he tells me he wants to plan agri as Vazhvu, varumanam illai!) very nice person and well informed..
Such people infuse so much hope, u can start limping back in your path..
So do I now…

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