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Wednesday, July 07, 2010


The whole world will sing eulogies on Muthiah Murlidharan and make u believe he is some (bowling) god!
Don’t get fooled/sold. Its humbug.
He was a cheat, after all..
Remember one used to get “medical certificates” from ‘doctors’ to ‘prove’ one was ‘rea;;y’ ill to save from punishment at school!
That’s what he did.. get a medical certificate and beat the rule. What a shame..if u r handicapped, go play handicap cricket is what the cricket admin shud have told him!
But unfortunately Dalmia was ruling..all he had was votes in mind, so amended a rule to help such foulsters like Murli, Shoaib chuktar etc.
The fall out is evident..
I see lotsa kids bowling with a big pause, literally side arm throw and trying to justify quoting murali..similarly lotsa younsters chuck for pace..
Anyways since its criket, I dont mind its detoriation..still it’s a shame..
So don’t get fooled..Its not worth all those paeans..
Just ignore..may be, something good can come from media sometime later.



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