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Thursday, June 10, 2010

25+ years of shame

one of the largest industrial accident. A big tragedy and so many lives affected..
mind u, it was very much an avoidable disaster.
and what of compensation? paltry till date.
justice- oh sorry! its after all some poor lives, so its more important for the Govts involved to protect the rich asses, the corporates.
what a shame.
This Anderson fella has been refusing to honour our land of law. But all such corp honchos need our market but not any of our law or even basic humanitarian considerations. This govt has a great record of such shamless display of nerve and covering crooks. remember Quattarocchi? so why did we expect CBI or this "oh-very-honest-singh' to be honourable in this issue>
I dunno! but my blood boils.
if u want to know more on the Bhopal gas tragedy see here.
to rub salt we shall keep getting more info on who all (or is it who else) let down the affected poor Bhopalites? like their counsel, CBI's reckless let offs, more politicos going out of the way to save the white ass.
but when will we learn?

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