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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Rajiv Dixit in Chennai 6th June, sunday

Rajiv Dixit is a phenomenal guy..he is an authority on our traditional medication and healthy life styles..
he has done lots research on Vag Bhatta ( a saint who wrote some 7210 theorems on our kitchen being the health centre). Vag Bhatta has performed many tests on all these theorems and Saint Charaka's ayurveda findings and rendered phenomenal corollaries. His Ashtanga Sangraha and theAshtanga Hridaya Samhita are great works on health and medication.
RD has simplified them..he has written books in hindi on this..
he offers discourses on traditional medicines (esp ayurveda), helath, natrual medicines, Bharath swabiman(roughly self esteem of India's older ways..)
on the last topic alone i beg to differ bcos of what little i know, apart from many other things like brining back our ill stored money in swiss, they say we shud support Indian companies and their products than MNCs..
IMHO Indian corporates are as venomous as their MNC counterparts..(see where even Tatas are today- coolly disturbing livelihoods of tribals and tying up with Dow chemicals- owner of Bhopal gas tragedy)..

But still this man is a great orator and authority on many olden wisdom.

He is in chennai this sunday 6th June talking on the above topis. Its not-to-miss opportunity..
He wud talk mostly in Hindi (even i can understand)..but there is a translation synopsis (at the end of each topic rather than verbatim)..
This is between 9am and 11am on sunday at C.U.Shah Bhavan, 78/79 Ritherton Road, Purasai walkkam
(the road opp to Dasprakash hotel from poonamalee road; on the left after YMCA)

i insist u all should attend this if u r in town.
u wudnt regret coming there.

also inform any of your friends who wud want to know more on health and traditional medication systems.