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Friday, May 13, 2011

Mango mania..

Regulars here know of the 'eat mangoes till u drop down' contest that I throw..
And the delicious and fantastic range of organic mangoes that we get at restore..
Its from this man..

Last week due to some heavy unseasonal wind, Bharathi has lost tons and tons because they have all been dropped off the tree premature. Sad sad:-(

He cutely calls and asks me to inform the orphanages I know to come and pick up the mangoes for organic, eh? When I ask him why cant he sell to some pickles manufacturer or some biggie who ma use it for long term..he says ‘ they wud offer pittance..instead of giving it for nothing to those rich, lemme give this free to some poor and deserving lot..”
So ladies and Gmen! Pl tell me if u have some orphanage that wud need some raw mangoes to pickle or what ever..but they will have to go and pick up themselves..

But don’t forget..the season isn’t mania with fantastic organic mangoes will rule restore for the next few weeks..and once am back in madras will have this drop challenge too!

PS: due to some problem with the blogger server, there was a delay in featuring this here.

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