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Sunday, June 05, 2011

cong Vs Baba Ramdev!

No one knows to shoot at their own legs better than congress…
In this Ramdev episode too that’s what they have done..
I cant fathom why Team baba wud issue a letter that they wud call off the fast the next noon..that is stupid how much ever they think they pulled a ‘fast’ one..
That really puts a big question mark on their intention, transparency etc..
But bcos it is congress that’s at the other end- who fell at his feet, spread red carpet, held ‘talks’ so many rounds and finally goofed by such an action-hence team Baba can actually get away..

What can one say for such an action at midnight? They suddenly say that Baba got permission to conduct yoga not political sermons!
What crap? The whole world new there was to be a fast at ramlila against corruption…there were even reports about how grand the place was being revved up..
And here cong suddenly woke up, at midnight that is, and are stunned that this man was trying to be ‘political’..only cong can come up with such ridiculous spouts..
Ok, if indeed he said yoga and was talking politics what will a govt do? Come disturb the gathering and lathi charge at mid night?

Oh man! Shabby on the whole..
And this problem of corruption will take a back seat now..
May be that’s what cong wanted..