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Friday, May 13, 2011

Mk caught Kanimozhi bold A Raja!

That was the best I heard since morning:-)
Man, DMK has been thulped and that’s a great statement by the TN people..
It’s a good thing to happen not because a deserving or good candidate takes over, but a mindless and limitless corruption has been put on hold..
More importantly many thought that the votes will be bought..what, with the amount of money at stake from one scam one could even buy votes all over India! So there is a relief there..
TN folks didn’t sell themselves for votes..its a great relief indeed..
Else the days ahead would have been even worse..
Another front the domination of one family, oomph..that was nauseating..every movie was produced by one or other ward of MK family..
Every other satellite channels is owned by one of the family..every other hotel, furniture shop, magazine, newspaper, cable, what ever..
That’s mindboggling..
Hope some sanity sets in out there..
But what off all the 1000s of crores that has been stashed? That will never come out except in the form of 1000 per vote, a contradiction there, eh?
Personally, looking at organic and GM status MK wud have listened to activists am sure..hope JJ party hears and settles in our favour..

As for other states- for the 1st time I wanted a communist govt to win..In kerala, esp with Achutanandan going all out for organic and against endosulfan, I wud have even gone to campaign for him..His agri minister was darling of an organic admirer..but still for a see-saw state that Kerala is always, this close fight (its not over yet..let the fat lady sing) is a great statement – that people are indeed giving a nod for their decent of the rare govts that haven’t been accused of any major they deserved to come back..

WB- is a joke..they like TN will have devil and deep sea here after I guess..this lady who has never proved an iota in any of her stints is there winning big it just an anti commie mood that helped her..she has promised lots out making Cal in to London, some part as Switzerland, blab la..but that’s a happy Reds have been given a lashing but what has come instead? Poor bangla babus..go reap what u sow..

Pondichery: its really nice that a non-corrupt and simple man like Rangaswamy could win! he was thrown out of congress (yeah, he has such an in-corruptible image that he is unfit;-)) and i was wishing he get there..though he had to tie up with ADMK, its heartening that he won! He is some one who leads so simple life..goes around in cycle or bike..mingles with people casually..lives in a small house (hut?)..

Assam is regulation and I guess another decent performance and lack of any alternative has been the reason..

On the whole nothing that will change the national scene though it’s a strong statement esp in TN about corruption..and there is no sense of cong learning though..

Big winner ofcourse is the Election commission..after TN Seshan, for the 1st time it was felt big shud ponder about this: how come the same admin babudom works so efficient under the Ec where as under the politicos it freaks out.



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