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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Egypt ot Bahrain?

lotsa talks..
if this Baba is fake?
if his fast is actually a Gandhian act?
if he is backed by RSS or BJP?
and if the ramlila was an Egypt or Jalian walia bagh?

last question first - its Bahrain..not Egypt not jalian..this silly govt screwed it up by playing like bahrain and the gulf countries do to quell the protest..(why not China one may ask- China atleast does it in day light like Tienanmen)

and the only response the govt spouts is "he is RSS agent" Oh! of all the suave accented Chidambaram is saying the famous "its RSS"..
the way he talks really puts me off..
hey man! its about corruption..stashed money in Swiss!
oops, is it?? they are all conveniently forgetting it..
may be cong, BJP all are together here..create a din and let the main agenda fall by?

yeah, This yoga baba stretched his imaginations a bit..asked for the moon..
didnot have the convenience of Anna- impeccable back drop!
But aren't we all losing the plot?
for the comfort of politicos?/

one thing- the response for Anna hazare's call yesterday gives some hope..that all is not lost..civil society is still having this new found zing in them..good..
Its another matter that team anna are also losing the plot at times and are mouthing what the press and few others want to hear..
but hope they dont get distracted and lose it..
lets have a good draft or even the law itself in place..then debate rather than trying to lose it all..
why should the PM and MPs shud be exempted, may I beg to know?
so that only some third class rascal is caught for misappropriating half kilo of guavas, eh?

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