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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ecoli and organic!

so as is the norm these days, once a while a new stone will be thrown at organic..and many who have never thought how the world and agriculture was till 100 years back- fully organic and how with all the various substantiation didnt bother to go organic would latch on to this new silly news item and question the seriousness and validity of Organic!

so here it is now- doubts about E-coli and organic..those who didnt bother to consume organic till date are quoting this..hey,u didn't worry nor question the residual chemicals and poison in your food nor the new GM food whose bio safety is a big question mark..but now u jump!!
all times, eh!

ok, organic is not like chemical- atleast one can wash..if not enough wash in hot water! thats about it..
but these e-coli etc can be a serious threat in meat per se..especially red meat and so its wise to avoid them. This new outbreak in Germany and else where is also because of e-coli from uncooked intestine and other parts of the animals that they eat.

now there are many other conspiracy theories..
see here for eg:
most of which is buyable bcos the pharma and agrichem are 2 ruthless industries who wouldn't dare to kill the whole world to sell their (dubious)product.

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