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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Rishikesh, Himalayas and more..

W wanted to go to Rishikesh for a week long program..and so I jumped..accompanied her all the way and then jumped higher..
Went up the Himalayas around 1500 metres..Man what a world..
Each time one goes up the Himalayas, its even better (ok,forgetting the increasing litter of the lowly humans)..
And this time to visit a couple of very interesting persons who have achieved so much for the society was a big bonus..the weather was real cool which was an additional bonus..
I, normally one who loves cold, is not very well prepared for cold bcos I tell myself, I can handle cold well..
But this time I was stranded in a mountain top waiting for a connection bus where it was around Zero degrees and the wind factor added more chill and I was stranded with just one thin jerkin to support me..and for 3 hours!! Talk of time and connection at the mountains..people are so laid back in the mountains..their perspective of time is so funny, nay nice..when I ask for a bus connection they coolly would say it would come now in the next 2-3 hours..then once closer to that time if you ask, they would coolly say ‘oh may be the bus aint coming..wait for the evening one..’ this while am waiting on the road itching to reach another town desperately before evening!
That was fun!

Coming back, to the story that is, I was so happy to have been with Vijay Jardhari of Beej Bachao Andolan (big story coming soon) and Pawan Gupta of SIDH. These were in Uttarkhand..(jardari village enroute Uttra Kashi and Sidh in Mussourie. Rishikesh it self (I say itself bcos I went higher up!) was beautiful..Now I know why so many great people fell for Ganga maa..what a beauty she is! And all those of u who think you cant stand hill stations, winding roads etc, This is the easiest u can access by train till Hardwar and then aasaan se phat phati or bus or taxi or walk;-)

Then after a couple of days at Delhi went to my favorite ground, more stories follow..
Hectic but fruitful and interesting travel that was..



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