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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

some delay in updates, meanwhile some links..

phew..really so many things happening and so much to update here..
some of u who met me recently reminded me of some stories that were to be blogged in detail here 'later' as promised by punjab, orissa story and some other farms..
what does one do with so much happening..other than begging ur pardon and asking for some more time..
meanwhile some more travel happening..
had to suddenly drive to Tiruvarur yday for a protest on BRAI..
see here:

also for some self promotion see here on BRAI..

want to know more on BRAI? see here!

for now am in and around Sirkali, tiruthuraipoondi and the next 2 days are in interior villages of Villupuram..addressing and meeting many farmers..

so more stories coming soon..but for now apologies..

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