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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

what a shame!

hmm..pretty bad my presence here has been..the last few months the no of posts have been pathetic..
yes, i have been extremely busy..I know and know that u all understand..but i just cant type any 'dog ate my home work' type reason for not blogging..
since Pune happened in september that is! oh man! its going to be tuff to get them all up here soon..also for me who refers back to my blogs (who else u thought is seeing this as often?) like a personal diary..
meanwhile had a great trip across the tribal belt in MP and rajasthan in jhabua, dungarpur, udaipur areas..beautiful and educating it was!

and BTW remember jagan??..there are many such guys out there.. JP who was instrumental in documenting and also gathering them all once a year (called the confluence of thoughts!- ennangalin sangamam!) has identified many such jagans.. see here for all such people and projects..JP called a big confluence of 600 such minds last sunday..i was privileged to be a part..i was also a special invitee to spend a day with 50 of their core team and dist coordinators the previous was such a nice time with all these stars who are real ground level workers and went my sat & sunday..the next 2 days we from ASHA had organised a round table on Farmers income and other issues involving farmer leaders from all the 4 southern states..organised at Chennai I had to play the host and ahem office much work to do, u know..

and then one gets a day off to catch up mails, calls,family etc and goes on farm visit moro..then 2 days locally with family for pongal and then off to sewagram. wardha for a week..

so here i go with some promises to make amends soon..
till then be good..



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