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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

hectic days..nothing new!

yeah, its all old (same) story again..
hectic many stories but no time to pen:-(
was in Blore, went to Hyderabad for a couple of days then in to interior Orissa, then Bhubaneshwar, back to blore, then Mysore, HDKote..
will hit base after a long time in 2 days..
Lotsa interesting stuff happening..

Most of this travel was regarding a Productivity study that ASHA (Alliance for sustainable and holistic Agriculture) is undertaking, where - in 7 states across India  a sample of 30 organic farmers and 30 chemical ones( with similar background and control factors) in each state is being identified and then shall be followed for the next 4 seasons, lotsa info collected and compared.
The main purpose of the study is to assess productivity of ecological farms, in comparison to chemical farms - however, productivity will not be assessed just in terms of grain yield of one crop as is usually done and has been done by other studies; the USP of this study is to evolve a composite index around our understanding of productivity, which includes:
* crop yields;
* system outputs;
* net incomes (without premium prices but calculating at market price values of chemical produce)
* human nutritional value of outputs from unit acre of land.
This kind of analysis will allow us to challenge the existing notions of productivity by developing our own index and data collected can be used for a narrow interpretation of productivity also if needed.

Iam actively coordinating in all states in identifying the farms/farmers, giving orientation to the researchers in all these states..
so the hectic travel apart from the other old tasks also resulting in travel and tight schedule..


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