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Saturday, August 11, 2012

102 out!

My grand mother passed away today morning! She was 102!
Till 100 she was fully active..then slowly whe wud still wash her clothes but ask me or other of her numerous grand children to dry them..
last few months she had been bed ridden but still very active with her memory..
even last week i asked her some recipe on aloe vera and how to process at wise we have got many on millets before..

she was such a darling to all..every servant/maid of all her wards or any one who have visited her wud keep in touch with her..
as we were planning her last rites, when we were discussing the sea visit, one of my uncle's employee was asking me which route we will go..I told him he shud go from the gas cremation centre but he said- no way..for patti i will go any length..that is some one who had nothing to do with at all except seeing her when he visited my uncles home (and its rare she wud be there)..such is her impact on people..
which ever house she used to be (she wud take turns and move around till last) there wud be so many people who wud come all the way to just enquire or narrate some story or just peep..

absolutely non controversial and far too uncomplicated..even progressive than her wards many positive and easy..she was a great lady..

That was a full life she had..Glad she didnt have to suffer except the last 2 days..even when she was in such pain she wud hardly express it..last night when i was 'man'ing her from 12 till 3am, she wud suddenly wriggle in pain and look at me and change it to a smile..wudnt want us to know she had such pain..

good bye patti..u were a great lady..



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