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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

fantastic! another scandal!!

a (another?) big scandal in the offing..
Reebok this time..
so why shud it always be the politicos and govt chappies?
there was a lull after our great satyam Raju!

so here it is..a shoe and sports company is crying foul at their top 2 employees..apparently something was cooking for so long and the parent company didnt know!!

talks of secret godowns, wrong inventory etc..and few 100 to few 1000 crores!
I will be happy if these 2 guys had palmed off some local shoes and ites as reebok?
thats shud be a slap on the face for 'image' conscious brand buyers:-)

I have never understood why the same product will cost so much higher bcos of a label/name?
now i has to plan for such pilferages aint?

am actually laughing? what will  their top guys curse himself?
' beat me with a slipper' or beat me with a reebok slipper or beat me with that fake slipper?