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Friday, June 08, 2012

Bus, JC Kumarappa, Kid and facebook!

I was in a Bus in Blore and happily reading a J C Kumarrappa reader (collection of all his works!)..that particular page was his comments on the (then released) budget –of 1929..where he had criticized the brits using up some 50-60% on defence! Yes in 1920s – our money for their defence!
Anyway so this young boy asks me if I was preparing for Civil service exams..I was stunned…so asked him what made him think so..and he said the pages I was reading were so ‘administrative’ and ‘governmentish’ he thought so..and the fact that both his parents were IAS officers was also another reason he said..
Then I went on to explain him about JCK and suddenly talks went on to ecology, ‘development’ activism, food etc..
and then his stop came and he told me he wanted to know more on many of the things we discussed and asked me for my facebook id (or what ever about face book that is exchanged!) and booh..i was not to have that! And his looks.. its not just about that kid, but many times Iam  told the power of this networking site and also the usefulness..
I always dreaded the fact that I don’t have time to update even my blogs which is more or less my own ready reckoner and personal diary! But still decided to dust the old facebook page that a friend opened on my behalf long back in 2008 or 09!
So I have a face and a book guys.. see here!
Note: JCK is an amazing person, was the points man for Gandhi esp in rural economy and livelihoods, and so completely ignored by India, the then Indian Govt, history and by all till today! If only the Govts then and people had listened to him, India wud have gained so much! He was such a great person with such foresight and complete holistic views..(more on him later)


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