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When all trees have been cut down, when all animals have been hunted, when all waters are polluted, when all air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money. - Cree Prophecy

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

my bloodied arm extending till koodankulam!

The house right behind mine was closed for a long time..and suddenly one could hear noises..oh! some one has come to occupy it at last..
And I could see they had come back from the Americas..(accent and all that you know!)
Then there is the permanent hissing noise..we live in a colony where the houses are in rows & not far from each other..this noise is from the AC they had fitted! And it would run 24 X exaggeration this..literally all thru the day and night..
Thus giving us a big hissing noise all day long and increasing the heat just at our back(s)..

So whats wrong? They are from the great USof theA and this Indian city called Chennai is so hot u know!
Convert the electricity bill in to dollars and it shud be peanuts..
From the looks of it this person looks like he was also from a middle class and shud have gone for higher studies to the US, picked a job and worked hard, earned lots and  returned with bags full..and prolly is continued to be paid a hefty American salary..

Hell with the electricity bill..if there are power cuts, run even the AC with inverters..heat up the ecosystem around..draw up power to any amounts..after all ‘I can pay the bill’
So whats wrong? U ask again..
Isn’t a question of affordability Vs availability?
How long will we have this never ending power or batteries or inverters or what ever?
Of for that matter green backs?
Iam sure this mindless consumerism shud have come in to him from his karma land- the consumerist of capitalist consumers!
i-just-don’ the cost of anything and anybody (or is it every body?)
This middle class boom, as we see it, who copy these returned Desis also try and abuse as much..atleast 2 ACs and if possible one more in the hall..hey, I pay my bill u know!
If only the pricing was proper..if only much more was seen, obviously..
How long?
And who pays for the after effects?
Now the whole area suffers from severe power cuts and when there is power it is unable to sustain these ACs n gadgets everywhere and hence its either no power or low power..
(no!! jokes about its better than Manmohan singh who has been without power for last 5 years doesn’t bring smile to any one in our area..)
 How we changed the scene of this whole area!
And now of the state..

This group of mindless consumerism is putting pressure on the govt to generate or buy more power..
Where we all shud be thinking of conserving, minimizing, rationalizing – we want power at all the cost of people who are suffering and dying in various mines in very crude and harsh environment.
At the cost of people and villages being affected in and around ecological disasters called thermal stations
At the cost of people who are silently dying, even worse surviving and hence suffering more due to radiations from the (ill)functioning nuclear power stations like kalpakkam.
At the cost of simple hand-to-mouth existing poor, who will hardly consume the power being generated in that Nuke house but will have to suffer all ills including mild radiation effects to cancers to huge fall outs in case of Fukushima like disasters..

And to think of the bloodied arm extending from my house or my house behind and killing those innocent poor people of koodankulam..

Do you realize? That I or that NRI in my back yard could have changed this situation!
Do u realize that YOU could be this ‘I’ or “NRI”
Think hard..see how far our greedy consumerism stretches..(just on this one factor!)
Whether your government thinks it has to engage and talk to such a big group of peaceful protestors or not, you can..
You can bring some sanity in to this, by just being a conscious consumer.

I know some of you regulars here are pro-nuke! Just read these links below with an open mind and decide..  (this has lotsa info on nuke, nature and society)

(hey after all we are talking of governance/governments incapable of even handling basic garbage removal or simple policing…so where is the question of effective and safe removal of nuclear waste ever going to happen..some scam and scandal will break and make (breaking)  news for some days and will fade.. taking this simple administrative failure we shud reject this nuke idea)


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