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Saturday, August 25, 2012

hardy foxtail and my terrace..

in the recent past the travels have increased so much that a month back i removed all plants in the small pots in our terrace (bcos my parents find it tuff to come up the stairs to water regularly)..
so all pots were left high and dry..(ofcourse the ground level garden is intact)
and suddenly when i visited 2 weeks back, i find some life..just after one rain there had been some life..from what i thought was just soil i had left behind..
suddenly each of the pots had some green lives..
i pulled them all out and covered the soil and went again..
now when i came back i find one hardy looking blade of grass standing a bit taller than other weeds..just wanting you to notice..
this time one more rain that night and next day this grass grows taller..
iam inquisitive..wait for 2 more days and it shows up..

see here:
and that is Fox Tail millet! i prolly had dusted one of my bags after travel and that could have carried spilled over seeds..and see this picture!
what a hardy stuff this millet is..not even water offered except by rain!
isnt it a beauty?


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