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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Tamil Nadu – organic state- first steps..

There is a committee set up by the TN Govt’s Horticulture department to draft an Organic Policy for the state.
And BTW did I tell u? yours truly has been nominated as one of the Committee members of the Drafting Committee on Organic Farming Policy of Tamil Nadu. 
(claps, head bowing and all that)

The 1st meeting of all the committee members took place last week and it was such a nice feeling..This is one of the highly functional IAS officers we hear about who as a collector in yesteryears did a great job. Also as an IT sec (or some such like posting on e governance) he freaked out and even brought in open source!
My wish is he brings open source in to agriculture and seeds esp:-)

He started off the meeting so crisp by stating the objectives and even went on to state that we shall have only 10 sittings and gave a deadline by which the 1st draft should come up.
And only then he went on to the introductions..such was his serious start! And he did crack jokes, even on his own post and his own bureaucracy style officers and so on..

Iam hopeful and wish and think TN will have an organic policy soon and hope to contribute out there too..
So if u do have any suggestions, ideas – pl do share and I can take it to the meeting and take it forward.


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